Is Every MLM Company out there a Scam?

Is Every MLM a Fraud?

A couple of weeks ago, I composed a short article asking if Divvee was a Scam. Here is among the quotes from their representative in an e-mail to me:

” I get the impression that individuals think you are against all direct selling/ internet marketing companies. Perhaps among these days, you can take a look at the company I am included with … although we are direct selling/ multi level marketing, we consider ourselves much different than the majority of the others … we put an emphasis on getting customers more than we do recruiting reps.


When you see all the parts of our company, you might just have the ability to compose something favorable and shut some of these naysayers up:-RRB-“.

MLMers frequently use this as criticism of critics. Usually it is the more easy form, “You just dislike MLM.”.

No, it’s not that “I simply hate MLM”, it’s that I dislike scams and unlawful pyramid plans. If I blogged about how incorrect domestic violence was, what type of nut would respond with, “You simply hate domestic violence!”.

That contrast hinges on the reality that MLM is fraud and an unlawful pyramid plan. The intricacy of the fraud is so extensive that books covering several hundred pages are composed on the subject.

You can bring the horse to water, but you cannot make him consume. I’ll bring the details to readers, however if they are persuaded to think MLM is genuine, I will not be able to change their minds … even as I point out the FTC.

MLM, Fraud, and Pyramid Schemes.

It sounds hazardous to state that every MLM is a rip-off. I have actually looked at and written about lots now, there hasn’t been one that has actually been CLOSE to being genuine.

Numerous of the MLMs I looked at were self-confidence video games that relied on dubious business “Doctors” relying on bad science to push their dietary supplement. No the MLM products do not do this.

But Are MLMs pyramid schemes? I keep returning to exactly what the FTC says:.

It’s a pyramid plan. Pyramid schemes are unlawful, and the large bulk of individuals lose loan.”.

When I take a look at the people making the top money in MLM, it is because they have massive organizations of employees and the cash is based on their sales to them. In fact, this is the pitch of almost every MLM I have actually taken a look at. It is very common for them to show that if you recruit/enroll 3, who recruit/enroll 3, who recruit/enroll 3, and so on you’ll have an organization of hundreds or countless individuals.

Here is a great example of a MLM company review: Divvee Review

I can’t see any way of translating the FTC’s words other than these really high ranking individuals at MLMs are running prohibited pyramid plans. The MLM business itself tries to shield themselves legally from distributor’s actions, however it would be like Napster claiming that they didn’t foster prohibited activity when users shared music. It is even worse for MLM companies as Napster wasn’t paying individuals for unlawful activity and taking a cut of the revenues for themselves.

Nobody has ever been able to describe to me how MLMs could potentially be genuine.

Their best efforts point to business that are still pursuing a number of years. They make the claim, “If it was prohibited it would be closed down.” That is what Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing stated … before the FTC shut them down for being a rigged video game.

There are thousands of MLM companies and the FTC’s spending plan is very minimal. They have a great deal of things to do outside of MLM and one single MLM could bind millions of dollars of that spending plan in a court battle.

An absence of reliable police does not make something legal. If I become great at stealing old women’ handbags in a town that has no policemen, it doesn’t mean it is legal because I have not been caught.

No one wishes to raise the fact that Bernie Madoff ran a $50 Billion plan or how Enron was a $100 billion dollar business. These MLM companies are peons in contrast to those schemes that ran unattended for years and years. It isn’t unexpected that they ‘d be able to fly under the radar.


If a company is genuine and has a genuine product, it doesn’t make business sense to associate themselves with MLMs/pyramid plans. They might simply pay a great commission that would make people want to sign up with without the recruitment/pyramid scheme element. Such an easy change would conserve a legitimate business from taking on a risk that could be a death blow to their organization.

Considering that it does not make given that for a genuine organisation to take on this unneeded risk, it stands to reason that companies that deliberately opt to take on this risk do it because they it is required for them … and that they aren’t genuine organisation.

Why It Is Tough or Difficult to Find a Legitimate MLM?

I have actually composed How an MLM Can Show It Isn’t really an Illegal Pyramid Scheme. I’m delighted to seek advice from with an MLM to make them legitimate.

I believe that MLMs do not want the recommendations on how to become legit. I think I understand why, legit MLMs cannot complete with the illegitimate ones and be profitable.

It is strengthened by this short article showing that MonaVie’s organisation design is MLM not juice. The product is juice, however no one buys $40 bottles of juice. Business model is getting people thinking about a business opportunity which occurs to have an admission charge of buying $40 bottles of juice.

MLMs complete fiercely for other MLM suppliers. They poach distributors from all the time. Nearly every MLM makes suppliers sign a contract to not work for another MLM. It doesn’t matter if the product they are offering is unassociated. That’s because the people are the product.

A lot of the Zrii suppliers went to the business that can’t be called. It appears like lots of will now be transferring to Yevo. Much of the top MonaVie people originated from Amway. There is no loyalty to the product, however it is to the people constructing the scheme.

This is where MLMs “race to the bottom.”.

There has actually been very little guideline in the market (the FTC does not have the financing to do much), so companies and distributors can get away with all sorts of illegal claims. I have actually discussed MonaVie juice and being pressed as cancer medication. The Huffington Post has actually covered it too.

In fact, the relocation of these business to pyramid plans has actually been mentioned by Tupperware and Avon for leaving “Direct Selling.” I get a chuckle when these business are held up as successful MLMs. They have actually wisely distanced themselves so they’ll stand an opportunity of making it through if police gets its act together.

If you are going to aim to run a legitimate MLM organization, how can you draw people to your business and complete in an environment of prohibited pyramid plans? You cannot. If everybody is allowed to put a pile of aces up their sleeves in a poker competition and you play a sincere game, you aren’t going to remain in the competition very long.

Imagine if there were no drug screening in the NFL. It would be extraordinarily difficult for a tidy linebacker to complete for a task versus a group that are comprehensive steroids.


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